Thursday, May 5, 2011

the best debt collector ever

I got a call this morning. It was an 800 number. Not the usual number from SunTrust calling about a late payment, but I looked at it and heard very clearly that it was indeed SunTrust. I answered without fear.

And there was a woman on the other end- a real person! She was upbeat and cheerful, and she totally brightened my day. We chatted about which day to withdraw the funds from my bank account, what had happened, and a girlfriend of hers who lives in Nashville. She was the most genuinely pleasant person I'd spoken to in a while. And she was a debt collector. I hope they pay her a lot of money, because she deserves it. I don't even remember her name. Thank You, Jesus, for the amazing SunTrust woman today. I needed to chat with her. How odd this life is sometimes.

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