Friday, February 11, 2011

small changes

Sometimes it's the little changes that really let the Light shine through. I just experienced one of those. Whee!

I was revisiting a yoga DVD I haven't been acquainted with recently, Yoga Beauty Body by Ana Brett and Ravi Singh. Really nice but also decently challenging today. It was near the end of the video, and we were doing an exercise where, sitting cross legged, you hold your arms out to the side and rotate them in big circles backwards. With your middle fingers pointed out, eyes closed, and doing breath of fire.

So there I was, moving in the pose. And of course on the video, they're chatting about how this exercise is helpful for the lymphatic system that drains through the shoulders as well as for the heart. They added that there are lots of emotional blockages in the shoulder and heart region, and that this can help them, too. La la la. Heard it all before...

...but it caught my attention this time because I noticed something that wasn't there. A blockage has been removed since the last time I did this (it's been a while). A big blockage. An important one. It's funny how we're all one piece, and what manifests in your body is coming from what's going on in your emotions, will, etc. In the past when I had done this exercise, there was a point where the arms were going up and back where it was like a snag every time, especially on the left side. It was slightly annoying, slightly frustrating. But I'd push through it because it wasn't physical pain, it was... odd. And while I was pushing through it, I could feel my face contorting because of this snag; I felt the internal struggle presenting itself on my visage. (How often do you get to use the word visage? Score.)

And lo and behold, I just finished that very DVD tonight, and there was NO SNAG!!! Totally clean. Amazing! But it wasn't like there was just the absence of a snag- this is God at work, and He gives. He is completely generous. Besides the gift of my awareness of this development, I discovered a growing light, and it effortlessly danced onto my face in the form of a smile. And it kept growing. And in my spirit, I saw a picture of a heart, previously broken, now bound up and healed, with rays of light shooting through it. YES!

And I just kept smiling and smiling. God is so good.

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