Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I had my first recording experience today. Just me and a fancy microphone with my young friend Justin at the computer. It wasn't scary like it could've been. I didn't get any sort of physical signs of nervousness like if I'm performing live. But I didn't get energy from a crowd, either. Give & take, I suppose.

We did Sweet Georgia Brown first, and it was a fast arrangement, and high. But technology is amazing, so he dropped it 2 steps and slowed it down a little, and that made it much easier! The next song we did was All of Me, one of my favorites for sure. I must say, I'm a little intimidated by ballads. By negative space, by slow tempi. But we found a great arrangement of this tune, not a ballad by any stretch, but definitely slower, inviting. And I rocked it! Especially the third take.

And I learned a couple of things. Closing your eyes while singing helps. It really does.
Another thing- there's something to that jazz diva thing. Not diva in the temper tantrum sense, diva in the commanding sense. But not selfish either. It's hard to explain, but in my mind's eye, there was a sharp little black dress with a belt, black heels, and a sleek hairdo. And it made a difference you can hear. How awesome is that! Can' wait til I'm wearing the little black dress.

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